Put Your Implementations on Autopilot

Project managers want to serve the customer, exceed expectations, and be recognized by not only their peers, but the customers they serve.  Through our research we’ve found that as organizations scale, the number or people serving the customer, product, and sales effort increases while the tools being used remain the same.  Employees are then left to try their hardest to “keep up” while the customer experience suffers.

We asked the following questions to project managers that we spoke with while in the design and build stage of GuideCX:

1. How professional is your implementation process?

2. How good are you at delivering services or projects?

3. What does good look like?

The majority of project managers we surveyed use excel spreadsheets to communicate their project plans to customers.  These spreadsheets take time to create because of the various product options and mixes of products and services that were offered to the customer in the sales process.  The project manager was then tasked to aggregate and communicate to all parties what was done and still outstanding by 3rd parties, customers, and internal team members.  This is an ongoing process which is labor intensive with manual updates on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.   The result… the customer is left in the dark.

Augment your existing tools to be sure a PROFESSIONAL customer experience is provided that shows the customer how to get to the FINISH LINE while allowing for CONTINUOUS REVIEWS through SignOffs at predefined stages by the stakeholders, 3rd parties, and any project team member.  With the use of technology, your project managers can become the “pilot” rather than the “mechanic”. Let technology do the heavy lifting through chasing down information, sending reminders on key deliverables, updating your project team on progress… Put your Implementations on autopilot!

*If you are looking for a platform that’s capable of all of the above and more, request a demo from us or simply chat with us through the bubble in the lower right-hand corner of your screen.  GuideCX focuses on helping companies streamline their implementation experience by offering greater transparency, accountability, and engagement for all parties that participate in launching products and services.  Introduce your customers to a more refined customer experience!

Todd White