Proven Strategies to Increase Your Client Onboarding Delivery Rate

Delivering on a promise is the goal of every business. While it’s important to deliver on your promises throughout a client-company relationship, it’s especially important at the very beginning during onboarding. Moving someone from excited prospect to effective user as quickly as possible is one of the key factors in creating long-term clients. Here are a few proven strategies to reduce time-to-value and increase your delivery rate during onboarding.


1: Know Your Client’s Goals

One of the first keys to creating value for your clients is to understand exactly why they purchased your product in the first place. What are the short-term and long-term goals they want to achieve, and how can your product help them get there? Once you know that you can effectively tailor your onboarding to meet those needs and help your clients see the value of your software sooner than later.


2: Automate What You Can

Next, automate as much of your onboarding possible. This removes the chance for errors, missed tasks, or things that just “fall through the cracks” when you are doing most of your onboarding manually. An important note here, though, is that you don’t want your clients to feel like they are just a number or an account code, so make sure you have an onboarding software platform that allows you to personalize and customize the process for each client (without losing the efficiencies of automation).


3: Create Standard Workflows

One of the biggest problems in the onboarding process is a lack of standardization. That means each individual onboarding team member is doing it his or her own way. When you’re small you may be able to get away with this, but as you scale up it becomes impossible to deliver an exceptional client onboarding experience if everyone has their own unique way of doing it. It’s also impossible to train a new team member on how to onboard clients because there isn’t just one way it’s done.

This also opens you up to the danger of having a key member of your team leave, which creates gaps and often it’s your clients who suffer the most (and eventually get frustrated and decide to leave) as a result of those gaps.


4: Communicate Constantly

Reducing the time-to-value for your clients and getting through onboarding means communicating in an effective way with everyone on the team. That includes:

  • Tasks and assignments for each team member
  • Status updates for managers and clients
  • Reporting on overall progress for your CEO or executive management
  • Keeping information about the project contained in one place

If your current process involves sending 10,000 emails from the start of onboarding through the end and hoping everyone on the team kept up with every conversation, it’s time to upgrade.

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