Keeping Sales on the Same Page

The vision that is communicated during the sales process is often not the vision delivered during the implementation process.  This is a direct result of silo’d processes where there is limited communication between internal teams.   While sales pitches evolve and adapt to what the market is responding to, those behind the front lines don’t have the benefit of participating in the most important conversations that take place during the sales process. This begins the breakdown of what the customer expects from the product or service.  When any part of the win-win vision that was agreed upon fails to be communicated down the assembly line, products or services end up “falling flat” rather than “launching”.  When this happens, there is obvious frustration.  This was an unfortunate theme in our discovery process of interviewing sales people.

The following were perceptions that sales people had:

1. There is a perception of “No Progress”, because there is not a clear communication path for the Project Manager back to the salesperson, customer, and 3rd party.

2. The Stake Holder that was sold the product or service always calls the salesperson when there is an issue or obstacle.

3. When expectations are missed or mis-set, it was often because the salesperson didn’t have a clear understanding of the implementation plan before the product was sold.

Use a central portal to act as the single source of truth during the implementation experience. It will serve as a tool for a salesperson to refer to after the sale to improve communication between all involved. 

This Central Portal should accomplish the following for sales to use as a resource:

1. Project PROGRESS is communicated to the salesperson on a pre-defined cadence. 

2. Sales people can reassure the stake holder that signed the contract that there is an EDUCATION portion to their implementation process to help all involved understand the vision that was laid out during the sales process.    

3. Use your Implementation Portal as a closing tool in the sales process to create an added layer of confidence and assurance their project will be successful.  

The result… the salesperson gains credibility and receives more referrals, project managers receive less phone calls from sales requesting updates, and the customer is ecstatic because of the world class customer experience that is being offered.

Peter Ord