Sales Development Representative

What is GuideCX?  GuideCX was created with an innovative purpose in mind to revolutionize the customer onboarding experience.  Whether you are going through an implementation of software, installing a home building project, or a large-scale services application, at GuideCX we make it our mission to help customers of our customers have an amazing experience doing business with them. We provide project implementation teams the ability to automate processes, increase engagement, and clarify expectations with their clients in the onboarding process.  We designed the software with both end users in mind, the project team, and who they are serving as their customer, so everyone is on the same page. It is simple, transparent, and offers a seamless approach to keeping clients in the know without the client ever having to log into the system to complete tasks.  

After a recent demo of GuideCX, a prospect told us this… ” GuideCX is like a GPS for my customers. It gives them a perfect road map with an estimated time of arrival (ETA) to go live. This is the difference between throwing a bullet and shooting it!”  Our customers have provided a large amount of feedback like this to us showing how much they love what we are doing at GuideCX. So much so that a random stranger saw our CEO, Peter Ord while on vacation and saw his t-shirt showing “GuideCX” printed on the shirt and asked “do you work for GuideCX?  You guys are doing really great things for businesses today!”

Our office atmosphere brings diverse personalities where everyone’s voice is heard, recognized, and respected.  We provide healthy snacks on site as well as drinks and occasional trips to the local ice cream store and busting open piñatas full of goodies for team building and celebrating milestones.  

GuideCX’s Sales Development Representative focuses on meeting new people, leaders of operations, varying business verticals, networking, and prospecting.  You build pipeline for and partner with Executive Sales Managers (ESM) to close deals for appointments you set for them. The ESMs are a valuable support resource to you to help provide tips and tricks that help set up more appointments as well as your direct manager and peers.  

What you will do:  

  • Make prospecting calls and cultivate leads 
  • Introduce GuideCX to operations managers throughout the US and internationally
  • Set up demo’s for Executive Sales Managers 
  • Share the value of the product and how it has changed the lives of our customers and their clients
  • Cultivate new relationships with potential customers, can we go to lunch?  

Requirements:  What do you need to be successful in your job? 

  • Be trustworthy, we expect everyone to do the right thing. 
  • Ability to communicate clearly 
  • Strong work ethic, deliver your best each day
  • Team player- as you progress share what you are doing well with others
  • High School Diploma or higher 
  • Prior sales experience 
  • Be Superman, Supergirl, or even Batman (Be a hero to someone, make their day)


  • Base pay $30,000- $40,000 + uncapped commission  
  • Potential for career advancement with a fast-growing company 
  • Medical, dental and vision insurance 
  • Flexible time-off 
  • Incredible culture and people, snacks, lounge area, indoor putting, indoor mini-basketball (yes everyone can dunk it, just don’t hang on the rim), PRing-pong (think Pringles and ping-pong mixed, and fun daily competitions
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