Grow Your Business with Improved Customer Onboarding

Improved customer onboarding is one of the most effective tools you can use to grow your business – and your bottom line.

Without a formalized, streamlined process, you’re wasting precious resources. Fortunately, you don’t have to spend a lot of time or money to wrangle your onboarding procedures or to automate your processes.

What’s the Cost of Haphazard Onboarding?

We’ve talked a lot in our blog about the high price of taking an arbitrary approach to onboarding your customers. When you leave this critical process to chance, you risk frustrating (or, worse, alienating) your new customers.

Internally, chaotic processes waste resources – both human and economic. Your team members can also become frustrated and demotivated, often to the point that they seek out other opportunities. Productivity becomes lost and you fail to hit your production and revenue goals.

Even your sales team can be affected. When you can’t live up to the expectations they establish with their customers, they lose confidence in what they’re selling, resulting in fewer new contracts.

How Does Streamlined Customer Onboarding Benefit You?

When you can take a new customer from contract to full function quickly and efficiently, the customer can realize the full benefit of your products or services sooner – while the reasons they signed on with you in the first place are still fresh in their minds. Customers will be more likely to upgrade or add on to their products and, when its time for them to renew their commitment, they’ll be more likely to stick with you. They will also give you more likes, mentions, social shares and referrals.

When your project management teams can hit their goals quickly and easily, with minimal hand-holding and effort, they get to see the fruits of their efforts without the frustration that comes with manual processes.

Your sales team will go confidently to their prospects, secure in the knowledge that you’re meeting or exceeding the expectations they establish.

In short, you will accomplish great things while using substantially fewer resources and you’ll see your business steadily grow.

How Can You Improve the Customer Onboarding Process?

The most effective means of improving your onboarding is automation.

When you can easily replicate and scale your processes, your team won’t have to tackle these Sisyphean tasks anew with each customer. When you can give your customers a versatile, simple and engaging way to fulfill their role in the onboarding process, you relieve the pressure and eliminate the frustration that comes from manually chasing them for what you need.

When you automate communication and provide an intuitive dashboard-style platform for tracking the process, you give all your stakeholders the powerful tools they need to reach their goals.

Here at GuideCX, we’ve put all these tools together into one intuitive, client-facing project management software platform. To discover the most affordable and effective tool for improving your customer onboarding process, contact us today for a no-cost, no-obligation demo.

Peter Ord