GPS For Your Customers

After a recent demo of GuideCX, a prospect told me this… ” GuideCX is like a GPS for my customers. It gives them a perfect road map with an estimated time of arrival (ETA) to go live. This is the difference between throwing a bullet and shooting it!”

This analogy is so true…

The anxiety that GPS has eliminated by helping people get from Point A to Point B is incredible. People no longer worry about getting lost or disoriented and now travel confidently and more efficiently. When there’s traffic, the ETA is updated. It’s frustrating, but when people know how long that traffic will last, the added perspective helps calm their nerves.

This concept applies to your customers. With new customers, it’s a game of eliminating anxiety and the risk of having buyer’s remorse. Showing them a clear roadmap with an ETA is critical. If there is “Traffic”, make sure they have access to a portal that gives them the added perspective they need to help calm their nerves with an updated ETA and a clear view to their/your destination.

Here at GuideCX, we arm our clients with a project GPS plan in one intuitive, client-facing project management software platform. To discover the most affordable and effective tool for improving your customer onboarding process, contact us today at or

Peter Ord