Client Implementation Software or a Consultant: Which Is Better?

Will client implementation software get the job done for you, or should you consider bringing in a third-party consultant to manage your onboarding projects?

When you’re onboarding a customer, effective project management is critical for success. Naturally, you want the best tools and techniques for accomplishing your goals, but which approach provides the most effective solution?

Although it may be hard to imagine that any type of onboarding software or project management platform could be more effective than a human consultant, you might be surprised once you break it down.

The Hard Realities of the Onboarding & Client Implementation

From the day your customer decides to purchase your product or service to the day they’re fully up and running – aka, the onboarding process – is a dangerous time. Your customer has made their investment but, until implementation is complete, they will realize little or none of the value you offer them.

If the onboarding process doesn’t go smoothly and quickly, your customer won’t be happy. And unhappy customers are neither loyal nor quiet about their dissatisfaction.

Happy customers, on the other hand, will stick around. They’ll spend more money and recommend your product or service to others.

What a Project Management Pro Brings to the Onboarding Process

Whether you want to talk about tradition project management or lean, agile, scrum or some other approach, the objectives necessary for a successful implementation are the same. You must engage all involved stakeholders. You must plan and track the process from start to finish. You must provide nearly constant status updates. And, most important, you must keep each member of your team and the customer’s representatives on schedule for time-sensitive tasks, decisions and sign-offs.

If you want to inspire confidence, you’ll need to keep the process as transparent as possible. That way, everyone knows what’s going on and who is – or is not – dropping the ball along the way.

Project management consultants are experts at all of this. But what if you could have all these benefits without the high cost of hiring a consultant for every client implementation?

Is it Really Possible to Automate the Client Implementation Process?

Are we really suggesting that a project management platform can be compared to a trained, experienced project management professional? No. But, when you replicate the correct processes, you can turn run-of-the-mill team members into project management superstars. When you use the right onboarding software platform, you can achieve these goals while minimizing the drain on your human and financial resources.

And that is precisely what GuideCX does for you.

GuideCX is client-facing, team task management software that automates the onboarding process in an elegant and engaging, step-by-step process. Think of GuideCX like an implementation specialist who can successfully manage multiple projects at once – dozens, even. You’ll streamline your customer’s experience and minimize the time it takes for them to realize full value for your product or service.

And, while a human consultant can only be spread so thin and remain effective, GuideCX is scalable to virtually any size project, large or small.

If you’re ready to step up your onboarding process, contact us today. We would welcome the opportunity to show you how this innovative client implementation software solution is exactly what you need today.

Todd White