Can Your Software Seamlessly Manage Client Requests During Onboarding?

For many years the client onboarding process has operated on two separate tracks:

  • Internal track – where your team is managing all the required tasks to get new clients started on your platform
  • External track – where you’re trying to communicate with clients throughout the process to keep them informed and take information from clients to implement in your process

The challenge for most companies has been that these two things are not seamless, so when clients have specific requests, changes, questions, or other information, it’s not always getting to your team in a timely manner—emails get lost, the clients are communicating with the wrong person, or your team is just moving forward faster than the client realizes because they’re not in the loop. When you miss something because of the delays in the process of a two-track system, it can cost your team precious time and effort.


Integrating Clients into Your Onboarding Platform

The simple solution is to just have all your client communications and team communications in the same place, but until GuideCX came along, that was just a dream for companies in the client onboarding space. Whether it was because of prohibitively expensive licensing models that wouldn’t allow you to buy a license for every client you work with, or just the absence of that feature in your platform, it wasn’t something that you could accomplish. With GuideCX you can actually accomplish that, and the end result is a more seamless process from start to finish. Here’s how it works, and how it benefits you:

  • From the very start of an onboarding project, everyone on both teams—internal and external—can log in to the GuideCX platform.
  • Simple and customizable templates allow you to create tasks for your team, for the clients, and for anyone else who needs to be involved, even high-level leadership if they have a role to play in the onboarding process.
  • Everyone on both teams can chat, comment, ask questions, and provide feedback on various tasks and steps in the onboarding process.
  • You can set up automated reports that give anyone on your team or the client’s team an overview of your progress along the way.
  • You can set up specific views and user permissions that allow you to keep some tasks private to just your internal team if needed.


Improve the Onboarding Experience for Everyone

Not only can this seamless communication between you and your clients help your team, but it can also significantly improve client satisfaction with the process. You won’t need to assign someone on your team to regularly report to the clients, or risk “going dark” and not having enough communication with clients to let them know you’re working on a project.

Plus if they have information that is helpful to the process, feedback about certain steps along the way, specific requests or questions, they can easily share that information with your entire team.

Find out how GuideCX can improve transparency and make it easy for you and your clients to communicate throughout your onboarding.

Harris Clarke