B2B vs. B2C Business Processes: Why CX is Critical to Both

The customer experience (CX) in the B2B realm is vastly different than in the B2C world but, too often, companies focused on business customers miss the CX mark because they’re more focused on the brand experience (BX).

Brand experience is critical, as it (at least theoretically) comes before CX. But, unless we give equal focus to CX, you may struggle to convert prospects and hold onto your customers.

To increase sales and reduce churn, we must remember that, even in the B2B world, our prospects and customers are people.

Understanding the Brand Experience

Before a prospect makes the decision to purchase your product or service, they experience your brand.

For established brands, prospects engage in the BX early – potentially long before any contact occurs. For companies like Microsoft, Amazon, Sales Force, etc., prospects have been extensively exposed to aspects of BX and have formed expectations of what’s to come. Because prospects often make a buying decision before engaging, these companies don’t have to invest as much time or effort in the CX.

If they’ve never heard of your company, you have a lot of time to make up for. If you’re a smaller business, or if you haven’t been in business long, you’ll have to intentionally engage your prospects in the BX to lead them down the path to purchase. And that means focusing on the CX as well.

Understanding the Customer Experience

Your prospects form an opinion of your brand based in part on the value and benefits your product or service offers them. But there’s more to the purchasing decision. The decision-maker will also weigh your commitment to their success and your enthusiasm for providing a solution they need.

And, just as if it were a B2C relationship, that decision-maker will be significantly influenced by the CX. Unless you can provide a rich, human experience, you leave too much to chance.

Once you convert a prospect, you can never assume that your product or service – no matter how exceptional it is – will be enough to keep the customer engaged. Without an equally exceptional CX, your churn rate will be a problem.

Unfortunately, over the years, short-sighted marketers have perpetuated the dangerous belief that CX is only really necessary for consumer brands.

Blending BX & CX for Maximum B2B Success

Build your brand and perfect the BX you want prospects to have. But don’t forget to hone your CX too because, without it, you will struggle to retain the customers you did earn on brand alone.

The hotspot where CX will matter most for new customers is during the onboarding and implementation phase. During this time, before the customer has the opportunity to realize the benefits you, your CX has to carry you through.

You can improve the customer’s experience during this critical phase by making the process as clean, smooth and engaging as possible. The GuideCX client-facing project management platform is designed to make achieving these critical objectives simple and intuitive. Our onboarding software helps you improve your customer experience while, at the same time, helping you save time and resources.

Contact us today to learn more about how the GuideCX team project management software can help you achieve the BX and CX you need to succeed.

Todd White