Are You Losing Clients with Terrible Onboarding Proposals?

The client onboarding process can begin well before you actually send a welcome email. For some companies, it’s part of the sales process, and you won’t be able to land a new client without a good onboarding proposal. The problem is that many companies don’t put enough thought into what makes a good proposal, and that could be costing you clients.


Purpose of an Onboarding Proposal

The onboarding proposal is just one piece of a larger contract where you and the client will determine exactly how your products or services will meet their needs, what the cost will be, the length of the contract and more. The onboarding proposal piece of that larger contract can:

  • Make the client feel welcome
  • Create a foundation for a lasting relationship
  • Help your clients understand and feel comfortable with the onboarding process
  • Create a timeline and expectations for getting the client started
  • Provide context about what you need from the client through the process


Where Most Companies Get It Wrong

The problem for many companies is that they leave the proposals and contracts exclusively to the sales team and fail to communicate with each other through the process. When that happens, it creates an opportunity for gaps in the process. The sales team may not be familiar with the onboarding process, leaving out critical information. Other companies fail to include any kind of process or information about onboarding in the proposal, which leaves clients in the dark about what might happen once they come on board.

Some key errors companies make with onboarding proposals include:

  • Forgetting to use an onboarding proposal at all
  • Proposals that are vague or don’t include enough information about the process
  • Proposals that fail to include average timelines that set expectations
  • Omitting information about what you will need from clients during onboarding, leaving the onboarding team working from behind to fill in those details later


Differentiate Yourself with Great Proposals

Onboarding proposals can be a key piece of the sales process, and when you do it right, you can differentiate your company from your competitors. But before you can communicate a clear and transparent process for onboarding in a proposal, you first need to have that process in place within your company. If you are doing your onboarding as a one-off for each client, reinventing the wheel or starting from scratch with each client, your onboarding proposals will reflect that chaos and lack of clarity and may cost you some clients or contracts.


Change the Way You Onboard Clients

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Harris Clarke