Are You Living Up to the Expectation Levels Your Sales Team Sets?

Level setting – a corporate term used to describe the establishment of expectations – is particularly important when it comes to onboarding your customers.

As your sales team deals with prospects, walking them down the path to purchase, their words, actions and promises help establish expectations. Certainly, your branding, marketing materials and other aspects of the brand experience contribute to your customers’ level of expectations. Ultimately, however, your sales team is likely responsible for how your customers expect implementation and the onboarding process will go.

As we all know, salespeople sometimes puff things up a bit to help facilitate a sale. Is your onboarding process living up to what your customers expect? If not, this could negatively impact customer retention and increase churn rate.

How Your Sales Team Sets Expectation Levels

Whatever your product or service may be, it’s a safe bet that your sales team focuses on its ultimate benefit to the customer when making their pitch.

This is an understandable approach because, typically, neither the customer nor the sales team member wants to get into the nitty-gritty details of implementation. It’s often better glossed over otherwise, customers might have second thoughts about the time and effort involved.

It’s also common for sales associates to present the best-case scenario to prospects. That’s not to say that, in a perfect world, you couldn’t live up to those expectations. Realistically, however, you only have so many resources.

The Consequences of Not Meeting Expectations

Once the customer signs on and you arrive at the critical implementation phase, reality rears its head.

At this point, your customer will realize that you can’t have them fully up and running in a matter of days. Instead, the onboarding process will require time and effort – much of which is the client’s responsibility.

Unless you have a bulletproof set of processes and procedures in place, your team will be spending a lot of time chasing your customer’s team members for the information and action items they owe you. Any delay in meeting those obligations will put you further behind – a problem the customer will be eager to put back in your lap.

Unless you can rise to meet the level of your customer’s expectations, you may struggle to keep the customer happy. And, the longer the onboarding process drags on, the longer it will take for them to realize the full benefits of your product or service.

Team Project Management Software Helps You Exceed Expectations

If you want to meet or exceed the expectations set for your customers, you need to find a way to expedite and improve the user onboarding and implementation process. Team project management software is a highly effective way to automate the process.

The GuideCX onboarding software platform can reduce the time required for onboarding while automating communications among your team, with your customer and with any involved third parties. You’ll also reduce ambiguity and, with GuideCX’s intuitive dashboard and automated project updates and notifications, you’ll be able to engage your customer while minimizing the drain on your company’s resources.

If you would like to see the amazing GuideCX task management software in action, contact us today. We can answer all your questions and provide free access, so you can see for yourself how we can help you rise to the level of your customers’ expectations.

Peter Ord