App-Garden’s Experience Taking Onboarding to a New Level

86% decrease in meeting length. 4x increased bandwidth.


Customer Profile

Hickory, North Carolina——App-Garden is a software company working in the K-12 education market, providing software that helps streamline processes for school offices. They provide solutions to processes such as field trip management, bus routing, volunteer management, facility management and training modules. Their products help not only staff but ultimately impacts a child’s educational experience.


How do we implement 50 customers and not let work fall through the cracks? How does leadership see across all projects and analyze areas that stall frequently? Customers are busy with their work and expect to do business with a company that can get them up and running smoothly and quickly. At a crossroads of hiring more staff or putting software and processes in place, we began searching for a solution to allow for less people to successfully manage more implementations.


GuideCX. We reviewed many options, but the fact that the entire GuideCX. philosophy is to work closely with their customers to make their product better and make sure their customers’ customer experience is excellent really sealed the deal.


I cannot imagine life without GuideCX.. It has worked out fantastically. Our team was hesitant to start a new process, until they saw how easy GuideCX. is to use and how much it augments their ability to communicate with customers. A single project manager can now implement four times as many projects at once. The length of meetings has greatly diminished with GuideCX. due to the ability to let customers self- serve, attach short focused training videos to specific tasks and automatically deliver them to the right person at the right time. Meetings that were taking 2 hours are now 30 minutes or less. This allows us to dramatically improve our customers’ experience while taking less of their time.

“I cannot imagine life without GuideCX!”

— Nancy Wilson, Implementation Manager at App-Garden