3 Things That Kept Me Up at Night

While at my last company, there were 3 things that organizationally we strived to solve every month as it revolved around our implementation effort.

1. Reduce the time it takes to go live and recognize revenue
2. Reduce Churn after customer went live
3. Increase Net Promoter Score


After some long well thought out conversations amongst our leadership team; we broke those 3 challenges down to 2 main problems.

1. Engagement Breakdown
2. Lack of Transparency


By encouraging real engagement through better transparency around deliverables to all team members, we could get customers on the “Same Page”.  We knew if we put more focus on engagement and transparency; we could reduce our implementation timeline, recognize revenue faster, customer loyalty would sky rocket, and we would be offering a more consistent experience for all of our customers resulting in an improved Net Promoter Score.

Because more engagement and transparency meant more of our employees’ time, we analyzed our own operations tech stack to audit how we could improve the process by creating additional touch points for the customer.   The unfortunate reality… all of our operations tech stack was internal facing…

Engagement and Transparency to us meant offering functionality to allow a customer to share files, communicate via deliverables in an organized way, raise their hand by telling us they were “Stuck” or in need of our help, give Sign Offs, see who is working on their behalf, recognize dependencies, amongst many other things…. We were looking for an external facing task management solution and couldn’t find one that matched our needs.

We asked other companies with similar business models how they solved this problem and came to the realization that the evolution of B2B onboarding, deployment, and/or implementation process was not evolving for most companies; thus, creating a chasm between the level of service a customer expected and the level of service that was being offered.

Fast forward to today…  After 14 years spent with my previous company; seeing it grow from employee #21 to over 1500 employees and producing more than 200 million in revenue a year; I decided that solving the above problem was worth the risk.  Now I have a lot more things to keep me up at night :), but I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

My vision is to help companies create a 21st century customer experience through utilizing a technology platform that communicates progress (similar to how amazon tracks a package), educates the recipients of the good or service on how they should engage, and clearly communicates the resources needed from all sides (provider, customer, and 3rd party) to ensure a successful end result.

I love what I do and am passionate about iterating on this concept to help companies create an amazing customer experience for their customers.

In case you were wondering, my previous company is loving the product ????????.

Peter Ord