Navigate Through Your Projects with Advanced Reporting

Welcome to our newest feature, the new GUIDEcx
Navigator Reporting Engine.

No client onboarding platform has reporting like we do. Especially for enterprise-level onboarding.

  • Pull revenue forward
  • The standard for measuring onboarding
  • GUIDEcx’s Intelligent Forecasting Algorithm
  • And much more!

Project Management Software
Identify Project Trends

Identify Project Trends

Recognizes project trends and further helps identify bottlenecks through advanced reporting:

  • Why there are consistently late processes
  • Why there are consistently early processes
  • Who’s in charge of these projects

Evaluate Projected Onboarding Revenue

  • Identify onboarding projects that will bring billing forward
  • Address projected late revenue
  • See revenue on hold
Evaluate Projected Onboarding Revenue
Forecast Project End Dates

Forecast Project End Dates

Automatically identify what projects are early or late with.

Schedule Report Delivery

To the right people at the right time.

Schedule Report Delivery
Project Plan

Improve Your Onboarding Process

  • Analyze your most successful onboarding templates
  • A/B test your different onboarding processes

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